Krysten Evans

I am proud to announce my candidacy for NH State Representative, District 37 Pelham & Hudson.
I am ready to fight for what is right and fair for everyone in NH. As a mother to two children in public schools, I am ready to fight for outstanding public education, and for supporting our educators as they help our children prepare for their futures.  I support higher education AND trade schools equally and acknowledge that our society depends on a diverse, intelligent, and flexible workforce- and that nothing works unless everyone pulls together.
As an advocate, I stand for equality.  Equal rights and protections for people of every religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and walk of life.  We are all people, and it's time we start acting like it.

I stand for decency, practicality, and *actually* living the values I promote.  
I stand for our future.  
I stand for us.

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Dave Hennessey

I believe Pelham & Hudson need effective representation in the State House and the Republican career politicians serving our towns for many, many years do not provide it.
The only reason our two towns are not seperate legislative districts is that the Republican leadership prefer it this eay.  Hudson & Pelham deserve their own representatives.
I also believe that on source of our towns' large local property tax burden is the downshifting of state responsibility for town employee retirement pensions.  It is not fiscally responsible to manipulate state budgets on the back of local homeowners.  
Hudson and Pelham have some of the largest commuter populations heading south in to the Boston/ Metro area, and yet the Republican ostensibly representing us have consistently obstructed even studying the possibility that rail service may relieve the congestion of our highways.  They have voted again and again against spending the one million dollar grant already alocated from the Federal government on this issue.  Ideology is apparently more important to our reps than objectively studying a solution to our highway congestion.  Let's send a message to the career reps that it is time for fresh new approaches.  It's time for a change.

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Hal Lynde

Hal's information is on its way.

To follow Hal's impact on Pelham,
check out the Pelham Board of Selectmen.

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Paul Moriarty

New Hampshire is a great state. It's beautiful and full of amazing people, especially here in Pelham. That said, I believe there is room for us to lead on several issues.
We live in one of the wealthiest states in the U.S. A minimum wage that is at the Federal Minimum of $7.25 per hour is problematic in a state where the family median income as of 2016 was over $86,000. Every person should earn at minimum $15.00 per hour.
We must invest in our infrastructure including increased public transportation, high-speed rail, and renewable energy. This is good for NH and will create good-paying jobs for NH residents.
We should fund our children's education beyond high school by affording all students in NH the opportunity to attend college at a state institution for free, so our children don't enter into adulthood saddled with debt.
Paid family leave for everyone. People shouldn't worry about how they're going to make ends meet when they have an emergency.
Campaign finance reform can and should happen at the state and local level. NH can level the playing field for its political system by adopting publicly funded elections and taking private money out of politics.
​I believe in Unions and collective bargaining and will oppose all right to work laws.

Lana Paliy

I believe this is the vote of your lifetime, this is for Democracy for the people, the vote for your future, your children, your grandchildren because everything we worked for our health care, our families our businesses our retirements are under attack and we need to fight back with everything we have!

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Robert Sherman

I hold a BA from Brown University and an MA from the Teacher's College of Columbia University.
I've spent 45 years working in the Nashua School District as high school social studies teacher and union president representing teachers, paras, secretaries, and cafeteria unit workers.
I am a past president of Pelham Little League and Park and Recreation Committee... I am invested in the youth of Pelham, and am more than qualified to bring the voice of reason and experience in education to Concord.

I was elected to Pelham Budget Committee in 1990's and still a member... I am invested in making sure our community keeps running in the way we have all come to know and love.

I am running because Pelham needs its own dedicated NH House representives again to prevent the state from passing legislation that forces local communities to increase local property taxes as NH is no longer paying any of the pension costs for retirees (25% to 0%).  I am know there is a way to fund our educations and their pensions without laying the burden so heavily on our home owners.  Let me bring my expertise and experience to Concord- I am ready to enact positive change for us all.


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